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Robyn Bett

clinical psychologist

Robyn is a Counselling and Clinical Psychologist who has worked in community, public and private settings for fifteen years. During her Masters training she worked with parents and young children with a special focus on anxiety. Robyn worked as a counsellor with YMCA LYNKS and Safe-care Inc before starting work at WestHealth Psychology in 2007. Simultaneously, she was involved in psychotherapy training, as co-coordinator of the MA Drama-therapy at Edith Cowan University (2002-2006) and Academic Chair of the MA Counseling at Murdoch University (2007-2012).

Robyn works with clients seeking help for a broad range of challenges, often in the context of building extra resources to meet developmental milestones in childhood and adult life. Robyn’s ethos is that psychological counselling can be useful in times of crisis, during recovery and when people want to develop better relationships and achieve more satisfying life experiences. Robyn has well developed skills in a range of psychological treatment modes to suit individual client needs.