Relationship Counselling


Q. I really want my partner to come but he/she won't?

A. We suggest that you come on your own first. Sometimes the time and space to discuss the issues with an unbiased professional and find some new strategies for change can really help. From this first appointment you can then decide if you want to continue on your own or try a new approach with your partner.


Q. my partner is so dominating i'm worried i won't get a chance to speak?

A. Our psychologists have years of experience in dealing with all sorts of relationship dynamics and have the skills to structure the session so both parties can be heard equally.


Q. i'm coming because my partner wants me to but i'm worried my partner and the psychologist will gang up on me?

A. Our psychologists are unbiased, independent and hold both parties in equal regard. One partner will not be favoured over the other, with equal time being allocated to both partners.