Meet the Team

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Kathryn Monaco

Educational & Developmental Psychologist
Learning & developmental difficulties
Behavioural difficulties
Separation Anxiety
Selective mutism
Psychometric Assessment (academic & IQ)


Dr Craig Harms

Clinical Psychologist, PhD
Mood & Anxiety disorders
Chronic psychological distress
Personality disorders
Sport & Work performance
Men's Health






Veronica Holyoak

Clinical Psychologist
Anxiety (OCD, health, separation)
Grief & loss
Culturally & linguistically diverse backgrounds


Dr Michelle Trowse

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
Emotional & behavioural difficulties
Anxiety disorders
Mood disorders
Attention disorders


Annabel Izumi

Clinical Psychologist
Refugee & multicultural issues
Eating disorder
Depression & Anxiety
Bereavement & Grief
Adjustment difficulties


Robyn Bett

Counselling & Clinical Psychologist
Early childhood issues (0-5 years)
Mother & Infant issues (PND)
Trauma & PTSD
Behavioural problems
Toileting issues


Lois Liley

Clinical Psychologist
Body image & Eating disorders
Emotion dysregulation
Peer relationship problems

Dr Carol Smith

Clinical Psychologist, PhD
Family Court issues/legal reports
Eating disorders
Behavioural problems/family conflict